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Let’s Create a Culture of Conservation

Remember: Your ethical design journey is not just a series of choices – it’s a movement towards a more compassionate world

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    “Ashley’s positive attitude, enthusiasm for our work, commitment to learning about and applying sustainability to our projects, and willingness to step in however needed was apparent. The massive undertaking of our projects highlighted her superior organizational skills and she quickly proved herself as trustworthy and capable. Ashley’s personal enthusiasm, attention to detail, and tireless work ethic all contributed to our collective success.”

    Liz, Marketing Director


    “Ashley brings design talent and a commitment to service and learning. She demonstrates a natural eye and hand in design, as well as an impressive command of analytical, conceptual and organizational skills. She was admired as a willing and cooperative designer in an environment of frequently shifting priorities. She increased our project productivity and maintained a well-kept, visually appealing environment. I am confident she will approach your work and/or team with dedication and great enthusiasm to deliver what you need.”

    Nora, Store Designer


    “Ashley has been instrumental in making our rapid growth appear seamless with the creation and implementation of various systems and procedures. She maintains a perfect mix of professional and personable traits when dealing with clients, coworkers and subcontractors. She offers creative solutions to challenges as well as design tasks, and is always willing to take extra time to teach someone a new skill or help clarify a task assignment. Ashley is a true joy to work with. She is a true team player with a positive outlook on life. In spite of a busy work environment, Ashley also always took time out to celebrate the achievements of others!”

    Diane, Coordinator