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Helping you design a home that allows wildlife to keep theirs too
homelife meets wildlife
We believe

Every Choice Counts

Every choice you make in your home design, from layout to the materials and even the season of construction has a ripple effect on global biodiversity. For instance, the typical design/build process causes deforestation when logging for hardwood, forcing hundreds of birds to abandon their nests, and causes ocean pollution noise during material transport, preventing whales from warning their young of a predator. By understanding the impact of your choices before you make them, you have the power to protect the homes of wildlife while creating your very own. Wildlifeel at Home is here to help.

Our Signature
Conservation-Based Design/Build Practices

We are the wildlife-friendly home design studio – offering conservation-based consultancy and design services. Our methods are in balance with wildlife conservation efforts ensuring one home is no longer sacrificed for the other to exist.

Our aim is to make the impact of your options vividly understood. With a meticulous focus on the ‘Ripple Effect’ as our guiding design philosophy, we carefully study every design consideration for its impact on local and global biodiversity until we strike the right balance of give and take.

We help you create a beautiful and sustainable home that does not destroy wildlife habitats in the process.

Your home design is connected to the homes of countless species. We share wildlife stories that will unfold due to your choices well before they’re made. This will empower you to make final decisions that truly align with your most compassionate values so you can help preserve local and global habitats for wildlife.

Each project supports a client-chosen conservation initiative, guided by Owner-Designer Ashley, furthering the mission to combat natural habitat loss from within an industry that has historically contributed to it. At Wildlifeel at Home, we believe in designing homes that stand as a symbols of harmonious coexistence with the natural world.

The design/build industry accounts

for 50% of all

habitat destruction

And it’s the 2nd leading cause of biodiversity loss, after climate change, putting one million species at risk of extinction.

As potential clients, it’s crucial to recognize the inadvertent contribution to this cause through conventional design choices. However, you wield the power to shift this narrative. Making informed decisions in your home design journey empowers you to contribute positively.

Choose sustainable materials, support conservation-based practices, and become a vital force in preserving biodiversity. Your decisions matter in creating a ripple effect that resonates far beyond the confines of your home. Each conscious choice serves as a step towards a future where homes thrive without compromising the habitats of countless species.

We adore all that encompasses the concept of Home, for people and planet. And we equally adore wildlife, all those who need us to speak up and take action to empower their wellbeing. We have tied this with our expertise because we want you to understand your impact and confidently own your ripple effect!


Hi, I'm Ash

Designer & Conservationist

My mission is clear: empower caregivers of our natural world to shape homes that harmonize with nature. I believe your homelife can make a bold statement for a better world, and I’m here to show you how. With shared drive, we work through all available options, reducing your project’s impact on natural habitats. 

As a WWF Panda Ambassador and CoalitionWILD Ambassador with 10+ years of design experience, I bring a unique blend of empathy, creativity, and eco-conscious design to your doorstep. As an HSP, empath, and lifelong creative, I’ve now dedicated my life to combining home design & wildlife conservation. Click the next button to explore my journey from the hustle and bustle of city life to the serene Pacific Northwest, where I’ve found my roots in an off-grid one-room cabin immersed in the raw beauty of wildlife and nature. Read more about my life, perspectives, and how Wildlifeel at Home was born out of a necessity to do things differently—and better. It opens the door to a transformative approach to home design.

A Snapshot of Services

We offer bespoke home design services and design/build consultancy. All solutions are customized to fit your unique needs and budget, serving you as the wildlife-friendly home design studio you didn’t know you needed. We fight habitat destruction, degradation, fragmentation, and overall loss of wildlife homes, both during and well after your project.
When Eco-Friendly Gets Overwhelming

We guide you through the world of wildlife-approved materials, alternative options, and sustainable solutions to simplify your design process

The Aesthetics vs. Ethics Dilemma

We curate designs that merge aesthetics with ethical choices, creating visually appealing and environmentally responsible spaces

Navigating Greenwashing Traps

We provide insights into genuine sustainable options, helping you steer clear of deceptive “green” products

Our Collective Positive Impact

Every project becomes part of a bigger mission, showing how each individual effort contributes to a movement for wildlife conservation

Where Design Meets Purpose

Our home designs are crafted with a conscience. Our method is your gateway to a design journey that goes beyond aesthetics. Discover how we start by choosing a conservation concept over a mere design concept, placing your values at the core of every decision. From the big picture to the smallest detail, our method leads with conservation, allowing you to witness the impact of your choices. Whether you opt for our design services, consultations, or prefer our hands-on DIY approach, our wildlife-friendly solutions are seamlessly woven into every step. Click through to explore the unique process that transforms spaces into ethical havens, connecting you with nature and leaving an indelible mark of purpose.

Let’s Work Together

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    I’m here to show you that you can create the sort of home you crave to be immersed in, and you can craft a balance with wildlife while you’re at it. It is possible, and I’m here to make it simple, cost effective and empowering so you can carry this forward for years to come and even teach your neighbors a thing or two.

    Wildlifeel at Home and our readers are passionate about the idea that sustainability and a real sense of comfortable sophistication ought to go hand in hand, and we are committed to helping folks create homes that are not only visually stunning, but are environmentally responsible and empower balance with our planet’s precious wildlife.

    Our first step is to simply make the choice to:


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    Organizations & Pledges We Support

    Embracing a shared commitment to sustainable and wildlife-friendly practices, our support for these organizations is rooted in our mission. Each signifies a pledge towards responsible and compassionate choices, where we can coexist harmoniously with the natural world. By proudly aligning with these organizations, we actively contribute to a future where homes thrive without compromising precious wildlife habitats.