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Our SPC's Sustainability Goals

as advocates for gentle homes, animals & their natural habitats

We stand behind the belief that our homes aren’t meant to be made or maintained in place of existing homes of wildlife

Short-Term Objectives

Offer eco-consultancy and design services for clients. I seek to offer solutions which minimize impact to wildlife to a tremendous degree before, during and after the design/build of a home. And with a focus on adaptive reuse.


Long-Term Objectives

Procure land to reforest and/or convert into biodiverse natural habitats. Fund a wildlife sanctuary through multiple revenue streams. Design homes that inspire change and connect us to the homes of wildlife.


Material Actions Taken

Source sustainable FF&E in design projects. Became a Panda Ambassador for the WWF. Am on the Membership Advisory Council for the NWF. Have completed the Sustainable Business Strategy course at Harvard. And am closing the loop on design and conservation efforts through the development of this blog.


Material Actions We Expect to Take in the Future

Continue to restore Wildlifeel at Home’s headquarters, 10 acres of previously logged land, by creating measurable impact. (Expanding the food forest, a new wildlife garden, removal of invasive species, cleaning up of the creek & wetlands.) Also, join 1% for the planet. Fffer a free comprehensive resource page with the most sustainable FF&E options. Introduce transparency around company and project footprints through a carbon accounting program, ESG metrics and sustainability reports.


Measures to Evaluate Performance

We are creating ways to track our footprint and those of our clients, so all can see the ripple effect we are creating. Transparency is very important to us, so it will be made public the negative impact we minimize and the positive impact we build upon instead.