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Here, You Own Your Ripple Effect

It's your path to ethical design
Our Difference

We See You, Truly

We’re here to tell you that your concerns about the impact of your eco-friendly home design choices are valid. We’ve lived those moments ourselves, staring at a space that’s begging for change, but also being mindful of the natural resources it takes to make that change happen. We’ve been through those times when every decor decision seems like a mini moral dilemma. “Is it worth the environmental toll?”

An Emotional Fog

It’s like the more you want to do right by the planet, the more anxiety creeps in, making every choice feel heavy. And oh, that eco-anxiety – we know it well. That mixture of guilt, worry, and helplessness that washes over you when you’re trying to do the right thing.

We’ve felt it too, that feeling of wanting to contribute positively but being unsure if your individual efforts even matter; feeling the weight of every decision, wondering if our choices are aligned with our values. We understand the eco-anxiety that can arise when you’re passionate about ethical living and worried about the choices you make.

Every Choice Counts

“We believe that your home can be a canvas for change”

Here’s the thing: we’re not your typical design studio. We’re not here to simply adorn your spaces; we’re here to empower you to make choices that matter.

Bridging the Gap Between Design & Conservation

We know the weight of wanting to design thoughtfully, yet fearing the impact your choices might have. We get it – those eco-anxiety moments, the guilt that comes with change and ‘what ifs,’ and the desire to do right by the planet. We’ve been there – caught between wanting a stunning home and wanting to leave a lighter footprint. That feeling of indecision, of wondering if you’re doing enough. It can shadow your pursuits, especially when you’re contemplating changes.

We’re here to guide you through these emotions, to transform them into meaningful action. When you step into our world, you’re entering a space where your concerns are heard and addressed. With us, your big dreams are valid, and they deserve a sanctuary that harmonizes with your ethics. We believe that your home can be a canvas for change and it’s our mission to transform that energy into something beautiful.

We exist to empower you

 Make a positive impact from home with a ripple effect that spans the globe

Here are the challenges we address

01. The Eco-Conscious Dilemma: Aesthetic Goals vs Environmental Consciousness

Picture this: you’re caught in a dilemma, torn between two desires. On one hand, you yearn for a Pinterest-worthy home, a sanctuary of aesthetics that represents your style. On the other, you bear the weight of responsibility not to harm our precious planet. Your dream is to create a visually stunning, Pinterest-worthy home. However, you’re equally committed to protecting the environment. These two goals can sometimes feel like they’re tugging you in opposing directions, leaving you in a state of doubt and uncertainty. It’s a struggle many of us face, and it’s only natural to feel paralyzed by it.

02. Intentions vs. Actions: The Ripple Effect of Choices

Now, here’s the twist. You genuinely want to make eco-friendly choices, but it’s often challenging to see how your intentions translate into meaningful actions. You worry about the ripple effect of every decision you make. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about understanding the full scope of your actions. It’s as if there’s a missing link between your good intentions and the real environmental impact of your choices. You want to help, but the overwhelming nature of the task often leaves you unsure of how your individual choices can truly make a difference.

03. The Guilt & Doubt: Overwhelm & Eco-Anxiety

Guilt becomes a constant companion in the journey toward an environmentally conscious living space. You question the necessity of each proposed change, battling between the excitement of crafting aesthetics and the awareness of the ecological footprint. Considering purely aesthetic alterations triggers guilt, as you wonder if your ethical side is giving you the side-eye. This emotional struggle is compounded by the overwhelming enormity of environmental concerns, leading to eco-anxiety—a mix of guilt, worry, and a sense of helplessness about the planet’s future.

04. Greenwashing Traps: Navigating Eco-Illusions

This prevalent issue leaves many eco-minded individuals grappling with deceptive claims of sustainability in the marketplace. The allure of seemingly eco-friendly options often leads to doubts about the authenticity of choices. It’s a frustrating maze that requires careful navigation. The challenge is not just in deciphering labels and marketing jargon but in ensuring that the products and designs chosen align with genuine environmental responsibility. This emphasize the vital need for transparency and authenticity, reinforcing the importance of informed decision-making in the pursuit of an authentically eco-friendly home.

eco-friendly home - dive deep
eco-friendly home - guiding light

Your Guiding Light

That’s why Wildlifeel at Home was born. We’re a lifeline for eco-conscious souls like you who crave to be eco-warriors. We are your compass for wildlife-friendly home design solutions. We know the homes of wildlife deserve protection just as much as our own, and we step into the design process to keep that front and center.

Our services are like deep dives into the impact of your choices, so you can make informed decisions that align with your values. We’re here to show you that your design choices can be a force for good, that every choice counts, and that you’re not alone in this journey. Afterall, we must address the worry that comes with every choice, and the beautiful desire to do better. That’s why we’ve built this haven, where your aspirations find their design counterparts.

This an investment in not just a beautifully designed space but also a commitment to a sustainable future. Yes, our design process may be unique, requiring more collaboration and participation from clients, but it allows you to showcase your commitment to environmental responsibility. Our approach empowers you with the freedom to decide, to be part of the process, and witness firsthand how your decisions positively impact the environment. We turn potential objections into strengths, making your journey with Wildlifeel at Home not just eco-conscious but also uniquely fulfilling.

Mindful, Balanced Spaces

The right sightlines and alignments, the right light, the right mood, with a designer's touch - Its a nod to the senses

Detail-Oriented Mapping

Modeling and reports to help make the most sustainable decisions

Inside & Outside Relinked

Blending is our way of reconnecting you with nature, from within the comfort of your home

Healthy Materials for People & Planet

Raw, natural, recycled, local, or adaptive reuse - its the epitome of our work

Natural habitat loss is the #1 cause of wildlife extinction.

So, we’re only making gentle homes in balance with the homes of wildlife through conservation-based design/build practices.

The Studio is Open.

Let’s make a positive impact together, one design choice at a time.

We serve as a bridge between some of the world's biggest challenges & the potential of your individual contributions. Local & e-design projects welcome.

Design/Build Consultancy

Have questions? Seek guidance? This simple solution offers what you need & nothing more. I’m here when/how you need help, serving as your Conservation-Based Design/Build Consultant. All to ensure the negative impact of your project is minimal & we implement positive impact to your surrounding site before, during & after it’s complete.

closeup of brunette holding aquamarine smartphone in front of face at camera

Eco-Friendly Design Services

Pulling from my Interior Architecture background and 10+ years in the field, I’m ready to take the reins and design your space aligned with our green initiatives. Services include site plans, architectural design, CAD drafting, permit sets to a degree, construction sets, material selections, sourcing, procurement, finishes and fixtures, lighting design and more.

eco-friendly design services - long wood desk with sketches, pens, laptop, markers, books

B2B Collaborations & Partnerships

Fellow eco-warriors, designers & brands – feel free to reach out so we can move mountains together. I’m here for business collaborations, design projects and collective conservation efforts. If you’d like my insight on a sustainable project, I’d be honored. I’m most intrigued with adaptive reuse and conversions currently, however I’m open to more.

many hands along length of tree
Believe It

Your choices have the power to create a ripple effect that reaches far beyond your doorstep



Scheduled calls or video chats, Q&As, advice, tips, reminders, plans, checklists, etc. Includes deliverables I'll send after calls.



All of the above is included plus end-to-end design of your space. Includes plans, perspectives, selections and more! Limited Time Bonus: Receive a **FREE Project Impact Report** to help you create a most conservation-based design and to measure your impact over time!



Case-by-case basis


All Services Include a Complementary

Project Impact Report

Ever wondered about the story behind your design choices? Our magic lies in our Project Impact Report, your compass to navigate the world of sourcing – a journey that unveils the ripple effect of every sourcing decision you make and shows you the journey of every material choice. We unveil the story behind every material, shedding light on the effects of your choices from extraction to install and all the distance between. These resources within aren’t just tools; they’re your armor. We’re talking knowledge and transparency that empowers and lightens your eco-burden, with a deep understanding that soothes eco-anxiety once and for all. This isn’t just a report; it’s your connection to the heartbeat of every choice, inclusive of our curated selection guides, comparison charts and deep dives to measure the impact of decisions near and far. Its your toolkit for crafting a narrative of care through your choices.

Know why, what, where, & how you're making an impact

We break down & simplify big, complex ideas into choices with clear, specific & relatable options based on causes & effects

When we're done

Have a home built of strong values, tools to continue applying in your home life, & a real understanding of your power to be a source of good

From Clients and Folks in the Trade

Testimonial Highlights

“I love the world you helped me create.”


Professionalism to a Whole New Level

"Her contribution has been exemplary on every front. She is meticulous, extremely well organized, very thorough, kind and supportive, works well with everybody, and is strong willed in a good way. She built sophisticated spreadsheets and comprehensive charts to sustainably move us forward. Ashley also works great with clients and takes “professionalism” to a whole new level!"

Charlie, Design/Build Firm Owner


Above & Beyond

"Ashley is incredibly responsive and thrives in ambiguity. Ashley completes work without the need to follow up and constantly check in on progress. She takes your thoughts seriously and delivers a plan tailored to you. She was extremely flexible and was able to turn around deliverables super quick. And she went above and beyond the requirements of the job. 10/10 I will absolutely utilize her for all of my future jobs."

Greg, Client


Grace & Poise

"In over 8 years in the industry, I have never met a designer with such a professional demeanor. What is most unique about Ashley is her willingness & ability to step in & assist however necessary, as she has the ability to work across departments. Ashley’s ability to hone in on where help is most needed & to fit herself into that role is phenomenal. She handled all of her work with grace and poise, is invaluable & will not disappoint."

Liz, Marketing Director


Uniquely Qualified

"Ashley demonstrated a superb work ethic and a dedication to excellence. She was both adept and professional with every assignment. Above all of that, her interpersonal skills set her apart as uniquely qualified to succeed in even the most challenging of environments. I can say with confidence, you will be well pleased with your decision to work with Ashley. She will add immediate value and has unlimited potential."

Aaron, Managing Director


Best Design Solutions

"Ashley was able to work with a consistent flow through the myriad of tasks, maintain a positive, enthusiastic attitude while showing a willingness to work towards the best design solutions possible for each project. Her ability to keep organized and find effective work methods was much appreciated. Always approachable and personable while maintaining a professional manner. I highly recommend her!"

Nancy, Client


Sought After

"“I wholeheartedly endorse Ashley. She would make an outstanding addition for anyone who values intelligent and motivated consultants. She had become a sought after designer, consistently requested by multiple supervisors. Ashley is quick and energetic, friendly, and exceptionally hardworking. Ashley is also very flexible and eager to take on new challenges. Ashley never missed a deadline and always went the extra mile. I’m convinced Ashley will be as great of an asset to you as she has been for us.”

Rachel, Interior Designer

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