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It’s Wednesday, as I write this. I like Wednesdays. And they’re so much better when its decent weather. However, I do like exercising the opposite. Because we ought to experience all that nature has to offer. Why only go for a hike when the clouds aren’t out? Why not when it’s drizzling? etc. I heard a line of thought recently: We say we love sun, but we sit in the shade. That goes for the literal, but also more abstract. (Same goes for a ripple effect, but more on that later.)

Moderation is always key, but why does it seem (with some things) we steer clear of what could be very good/refreshing for us? Is it habitual thinking, a safeguard or comfort we don’t dare tread beyond? With that, complacency may be my biggest fear these days. That’s something I haven’t considered beyond the moments it takes between thought and my typing fingers, sure, but it feels resonant. Feels like its ringing true.

And though, to others, it may look as though my life is more complacent than most, I know it to be different. No, I’m not rushing about with mindless activities (often a distraction from true shadow work – my opinion alone). Instead, I choose a ‘slow(er) life.’ I’m intentional, not one to often get ‘swept up’ in or by things; it gifts me a lifestyle which truly feels like my own. Further allowing me to work towards my dreams, written about here. Any time this contentment feels uprooted, I know there is a threat to my sanity (the life I’ve built) looming about, and all must halt in order for chaos to dissipate and I can return to making moves as I see fit.

The Ripple Effect

I imagine it similar to dropping pebbles in a lake. Currently, in this life chapter, I enjoy selecting the perfect pebble – the right size, a beauty, smooth enough yet with pleasing texture. And I go to an intriguing bend in the lake, one that feels like ‘my kinda place.’ I make the call on whether I simply drop the pebble or toss it. If I walk out on the log like a path above the water and towards the center of the lake, or if I stay at the shore.

All because I’m creating the ripple effect I want. It all starts as happenstance, sure. But somewhere down the road of my life, I realized that I’m doing it (tossing pebbles) whether I consciously know it or not. So why not choose to know it, hone it, adapt and control it. Yes, wind will sway and change the effect of that ripple to a certain degree. But it’s manageable in size most of the time, and because of that, it so often can be seen as a gem from the universe. Makes my ripple more interesting, different (and dare I say better due to simply being different).

At some point, strategy can stand behind this act. Behind my choices leading up to watching that ripple in the water. Studying a ripple effect long enough, and time after time, allows us the power and gift to do something wise with what we’ve chosen to stick around long enough to witness, and ponder.

Where Pebbles and Priorities Meet

That’s where I am in my life. And thats exactly why I won’t allow my days to uproot my intentions, experiments, intuition. I am in the thick of breakthroughs, and anything beyond that will just not do. Hence the reason I must remain hyper-focused on my ‘job at hand.’ (Must be said, too, I couldn’t stay closely connected without my chosen inspirations nearby ;))

Because no one else has what I have, knows what I know, believes – trusts – experiences – guides – acts upon as I do, dreams as I do, etc. And that is my strength, my gift. That is, actually, my responsibility to do right by. For my given life, for the folks I influence directly and indirectly, for the world and what the universe is hoping/needing of me.

This lifetime of ours is incredibly precious and important. We need to tread carefully and with purpose. Sooner or later, we all need that understanding in order to act upon a manner that shines light on the truth that we are each here  as presently as we are ready for. And that is the potential powerhouse within us, the gem of wisdom in our soul, just ready for our true selves to be awoken like beloved Sleeping Beauty.


With a BFA in Interior Architecture with 10+ years of experience, working with large architecture firms and as Head of Design within design/build companies, Ashley now narrows her focus towards alternative dwellings, adaptive reuse, natural buildings and a study of materials with a hyper-sustainable lifestyle. This is all to ensure homes are in balance with our natural surroundings and to further the fight against habitat loss for wildlife, because one home no longer needs to be sacrificed for another. She asks us all to, ‘Adopt the Alternative.’

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