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A Peek into the Signature Workflow

Our Method

An Overview

When you choose to work with us on a project, the journey starts by selecting a conservation concept to guide you, rather than merely a design concept.

We begin with the big picture, you see, focusing on the forest rather than the trees, collaborating closely with you to ensure that your values and preferences are at the heart of every design decision moving forward.

This approach allows us to lead first with conservation efforts, firmly establishing a compassionate yet strong definition of ‘Home’ and recognizing the power it holds.

Throughout your collaboration with us, you’ll see the negative impact you’re minimizing and the positive impact you’re creating with each option and decision you consider. That’s the start of our method.

We do this through design services and/or consultations depending on your timeline, budget, and comfort (as I’m always open to simply offering guidance, reviews, and feedback of your own designs if you’re a DIYer!).

And, of course, we ensure that your project includes crucial sustainability checkpoints along the way. Creating a most wildlife-friendly home is of the utmost important to Wildlifeel at Home.

You see, we specialize in actively connecting the dots between you and wildlife.

So, you will always have access to visuals and impact reports that allow you to witness the direct impact your personal decisions have on your natural surroundings and even on wildlife from afar, fostering a deeper connection with your space as well.

These resources are designed to help guide decisions that provide lasting comfort at home, once everything is said and done.

Imagine the incredible satisfaction of never straying far from your chosen ‘why’ and environmental goals, which we will uncover early in the process.

Ultimately, you will be left with a home and land that have been created from a place of balance and holds a mesmerizing story at every turn.

Transforming your space into an ethical and eco-conscious haven will serve as a powerful symbol of your true character, beliefs, and values.

I’m here for it. Are you?

method - abstract art looks like inside of canyon or cave showing macro texture of light orange and golden hues with many waves
little red shack at top of hill with small white wildflowers in foreground
The Problem

Addressing the Gap Between Home Design & Wildlife Conservation

As a conscious homeowner, you understand the importance of coexisting with nature. However, the dilemma arises when you’re unsure how your home design decisions impact the nature and wildlife you love. Your values align with creating a harmonious living space, yet the lack of clarity on the far-reaching effects of your choices leaves you frozen in uncertainty. You’re grappling with the ethical conundrum of minimizing harm while maximizing the positive influence your home can have on the environment.

Your desire to design responsibly is hindered by the weight of causing potential harm to the habitats of countless species. The homes of wildlife shouldn’t be sacrificed for our homes to thrive. You’re yearning for guidance that not only empowers you to make informed choices but also assures you that your design journey can contribute positively to the world around you.

Our Solution

Empowerment Through Education & Collective Impact

This is where ethical design and wildlife protection converge seamlessly. We recognize the challenge you face – the desire to create a beautiful home that respects nature. That’s why we go beyond aesthetics. Our mission is to empower you with knowledge and illuminate the ripple effect of your choices – both good and bad – on wildlife near and far.

Through our consultations and design services, we don’t just explain; we inspire. We guide you in crafting spaces that not only embody your personal values but also stand as beacons of coexistence. And it doesn’t stop there. Every project you undertake with us is part of a collective commitment to wildlife conservation. Our approach ensures that each design choice contributes to a larger narrative of responsible living, where the well-being of all species matters.

Why We Do This: Preserving Nature From Within

Our purpose goes beyond design. With us, you’re not just designing your home; you’re fostering a holistic relationship between human habitats and wildlife havens. We’re passionate about fighting natural habitat loss from within the industry because the homes of wildlife don’t deserve to be sacrificed for our homes to thrive.

Our commitment lies in showing that it’s possible to design with intention, minimizing harm and maximizing harmony. By empowering you, we’re collectively championing the cause of wildlife protection, one thoughtfully designed space at a time.