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I’m putting together that I learn more often than I share. And it’s when I share that I can then listen. From there, I can pivot and over time I can create a solution to problems. Through my lens and in the way that only I can. Becoming the solution is feat, but I’m willing to try it on.
Perhaps this shows up in ways of offering 1:1 design services, or offering reviews and further design advice of clients’ DIY designs. I see a bare bones offer of consultations and/or coaching services. This could serve as 1:1 or in a group setting. Group coaching, or building a community to share knowledge and alternatives. I also now consider a very impactful newsletter.
Wouldn’t that be something, that being my true service – offering from there. That entails not seeking quick work through having to use advertisements or similar. But, starting and keeping things gradual. Building trust with fewer folks. Longterm clients I can call friends, to a certain extent.
If we are asked to dream real big, but keep in mind what we can do right now to snag some of it, I contemplate something of the above.
So, I’ll need to schedule time to perhaps post more often than the currently ideal once per week, over weekends. It can now quickly shift from only my thoughts as I build this out.
Now, this place can serve as primary to showcase what I’ve learned. Because it fits into a short term goal.
Just as working through my thoughts on the long-term are.
I’ll begin with a facts page which will ever evolve as I learn quick one liners. Those will help me build visuals to connect the dots.
Also been honing in on offering clarity around this project/website.
So far:
Wildl(i)feel at Home is a design studio that helps aspiring eco-warriors to create a homelife which allows wildlife to keep theirs, too. Our mission is to fight natural habitat loss through alternative design/build practices for the sake of the home we all share : Earth.
We choose to lead first with conservation efforts, solidifying with a compassionate yet strong take on the definition of ‘Home’ and the power it holds for us all. This is done through online education, consultations, design services (or simply guidance, reviews and feedback of your own designs) and of course sustainability checkpoints along the way.
Throughout your process with us, you’ll see the negative impact you’re minimizing and the positive impact you’re creating with each option and decision you consider. And if you choose to work on a project with us, the journey will begin with choosing a conservation concept to guide you, rather than a design concept. That’s starting with the big picture, the forest rather than the trees.
We specialize in connecting the dots between you and wildlife, so you’ll always have visuals and reports to witness just how your personal decisions are making an impact to your natural surroundings and even to/for wildlife afar! We hope they’ll help guide decisions which will offer memorable comfort at home, after all is said and done.
We empower you to adopt the alternative and choose your ripple effect.
Imagine how good you’ll feel when you’ll never be far from your chosen ‘why’ and environmental goals, which we will uncover early on, and you’ll be left with a home and land which was created from a place of balance, holds a mesmerizing story at every turn and is a symbol of your true character, beliefs and values.
If you’re here reading, let me know what you think. Is this going in an intriguing direction for you?

With a BFA in Interior Architecture with 10+ years of experience, working with large architecture firms and as Head of Design within design/build companies, Ashley now narrows her focus towards alternative dwellings, adaptive reuse, natural buildings and a study of materials with a hyper-sustainable lifestyle. This is all to ensure homes are in balance with our natural surroundings and to further the fight against habitat loss for wildlife, because one home no longer needs to be sacrificed for another. She asks us all to, ‘Adopt the Alternative.’

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