Snapshot of Ash’s Homelife for Wildlife

Here’s what I’m doing at Home to live in harmony with wildlife. I hope it inspires you to do the same. Please feel free to take any of these items as your own and do send me a note with questions if you have them. I’ll support your efforts however I can!


With 10-acres as our home and wildlife’s home, we devote time to caring for it and sharing it. Because we believe in coexistence.


We believe animals are our neighbors, not to dominate over but to live in peace with – because they make life better!


When it comes to our own homelife, we do with little to ensure we don’t take more than we need to survive.

Favored Quotes that Keep the Momentum Going

“Make a long term commitment. Commit your personal time and energy for a long time to a single place. You will not make a difference somewhere in a couple of years. Think in decades..”

Greg CarrOversight Committee at the Gorongosa Project, Mozambique

“Find a conservation calling — that animal, place, issue — that pulls at your heartstrings in a way nothing else does. This will be a project that you will chip away at probably for a long time.. If you can make a big difference on one thing, that is a life well spent.”

Morgan HeimPhotojournalist
Imagine a world where you step outside and are greeted by a symphony of chirping birds, graceful deer gracefully grazing, and vibrant butterflies dancing in the air. That world can become a reality when we take it upon ourselves to create a haven for wildlife.


I’ve experienced the sheer joy of watching a family of deer playfully running circles around our brush piles, or seeing raven parents soar across the sky to keep eagles from their young who live right here with us. It’s like witnessing a magical spectacle unfold before my eyes.


By crafting a nurturing homelife for wildlife, we become guardians of nature’s treasures. We have the power to provide them with food, water, and safe spaces to flourish. In return, we receive a deep connection with the natural world, a sense of wonder and awe that rejuvenates our souls.

Want Help Doing the Same?

If you have questions or seek advice, I’m here to help!