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First, a quick free-write: I started this website during my yearly staycation. I created it and had uploaded a couple posts near the very end of my time away from work. Looking back, I see that‘s the way it was always going to be. That’s how my brain seems to work best: step away from chaotic to-dos, rest and hit reset, get my own house in working order. Only then am I present enough, and with enough mental energy, to do what my life calls of me.
It’s too bad that I let my beliefs get the best of me. That I can’t ‘hustle’ my way out of a rut or ‘bustle’ my way from one thing to the next. Especially not as swiftly as others seem to, like the real go-getters of the world. I admire that trait from afar and will continue to do so until I breakthrough to join them – if it’s ever meant to be. 
Still being on the other side of that glass, I hold a safeguard. I know I need to keep to a very few priorities. And to the required routines to achieve my strategic goals aligned with those priorities. ‘Do more with less,’ and all.
So, somehow I must create more sustainability in my life. Must manage burnout as well as, on the flip side, dedication.
One can’t allow their day job to take the very best of them (as it has my entire working life).
I ought to only give what overflows of my cup.
And I must also work to fill my own cup, to have overflow to give.
This freewrite is often kept off a public post, serving as a pivoted kick-starter for a decent week ahead. But, for my own documentation and journey here on the site, with my eyes set on whats to come in ten years, there isn’t much that is off-limits.
If it helps progress me on the path I choose, if only a couple feet, its worth a place here.
So pivots I’ve already begun but will continue to do, to ensure I have time/energy to keep pushing here:
  1. Say, ‘no’ to work projects which won’t serve my larger purpose (here).
  2. Don’t wear the ‘mask’ as often, no need to please if the value I offer is greater.
  3. Make a call and move on, no second-guessing, keep propelling forward.
  4. Continue to be a leader in my role and for the group. It serves them and it serves me / my future. Don’t be afraid of being misunderstood.
  5. Boundaries are to be upheld and adhered to.

Conservation Resources

With that off my chest, I wanted to leave any reader here with a great list of resources I’ve come across since my last post, including those go-getters I really admire. The first one inspired me to get back here to write and publish..
  1. Ecosystem Restoration – Learning for Nature – In this Massive Open Online Course, you will learn to develop a step-by-step ecosystem restoration plan and apply effective restoration solutions in your national and subnational context. 3-5 hours/week over a two month period!
  2. Our Wild Calling – How Connecting With Animals Can Transform Our Lives – and Save Theirs – This was a powerful book to get my purpose-driven journey started. Its filled with intuition, connection, and supported by fact only where it can. I’ll always have a place in my heart for it.
  3. Daphne Sheldrick – Wildlife TrustBorn to be Wild – I remember watching that documentary years back, not knowing how impactful it would be as I often think about her work, as well as the caretakers of the chimpanzees. A life well lived, I’ve always thought.
  4. Jane Goodall – Institute & Masterclass – We all know her 🙂 She has pushed the field and science so much in her time, as she continues to do so. I look up to her.
  5. National Wildlife Federation – Read their magazine for free here
  6. Conservation Careers – Really enjoying whats on this site and I recommend the downloads page to anyone reading.

There are still a bundle of resources I have up my sleeve, though they begin to niche into design, so I’ll halt this post to keep things compartmentalized.

I believe I’ll create a Resource page to hold items in categories to ensure I document and make public my findings as I go.

It’d be my hope to hold one place, for those seeking to remodel or build their new home, to review a directory of sustainable solutions/materials right alongside information that showcases how its helpful to wildlife and the shared concepts closely held in each of the above links.

In time, I’ll get there! All to achieve my goals.


With a BFA in Interior Architecture with 10+ years of experience, working with large architecture firms and as Head of Design within design/build companies, Ashley now narrows her focus towards alternative dwellings, adaptive reuse, natural buildings and a study of materials with a hyper-sustainable lifestyle. This is all to ensure homes are in balance with our natural surroundings and to further the fight against habitat loss for wildlife, because one home no longer needs to be sacrificed for another. She asks us all to, ‘Adopt the Alternative.’

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