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First blog here. There’s much to say in this founder’s free-write – as an introduction, or about my dreams for this website (for wildlife and my homelife too), however I plan to keep this post as simple as I can muster – though ‘inspiration’ may know better. 

You see, with this one and future posts too, I want to keep the focus refined. Focus may turn up as the subject matter(s), or the language I use to self-express, how I format to deliver the message, etc. I enjoy writing, always have. So I like those details. I find them powerful when we allow them to be. When we want them to be. When we realize the full potential they hold. And because I feel writing is a skill, an outlet which may be the only one which gives my true self justice (at least through to this life chapter), I must utilize that skill and comfort to do what I am drawn to do. Hence, why I wanted to exercise and share this post of the Founder’s Free-Write: The Background Story.

You see, I don’t dream to be a writer (though I’d love to wear that hat too). I am a writer with a dream to fulfill. An almost gnawing obsession which won’t release me from it’s grips. And so, I choose to see and use my writing as a tool – to therefore build my dream.

What dream, you may ask (if you’re here ;))?

The Dream

Fighting for wildlife. Saving wildlife. Caring and supporting, to be their voice and pushing for a better and balanced world. A world which is in balance – both Mother Earth and Humans coexisting in a way which far more benefits nature and animals more than us – finally. Because, for the hell they’ve gone through, they deserve that from us. And we deserve to take a back seat for what we’ve put them through.

And let me say here, as well, that I don’t know where this is going – not really. I have dreams, sure. About the website, a blossoming business so I can devote all my time to this one life-fulfilling mission I’ve always gravitated towards (and I really mean always), etc. I even have dreams as it relates to what this ‘work’ may bring to me and my own way in this world. (I have this article to thank for kicking myself into high gear – incredibly memorable piece for me.)

My Drive

I’d love if this path of self-expression meets compassion-fueled mission brought about a version of me which could do even more for wildlife than I may (or even can!) imagine for myself now. I think that’s what I want for myself most of all – to unlock full potential, to use it for my chosen purpose in and throughout my entire life, and to be at peace near my end for having helped make the lives better of birds, or elephants or evergreens..

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Or at least to me, as it’s been an ongoing concept in my mind for years. It’s really all I have to work with at the moment. It’s been my constant, and has steadied my momentum but hasn’t accelerated (which is why I’m choosing to start this entire journey now before I have it all ‘figured out’):

I want to focus my life’s work on saving the homes of wildlife. Again, I don’t know how – not exactly – which is typically a scary thing for me because I’m very much a planner.. But that’s no longer the point. They always say, ‘better to start before you’re ready,’ do they not? 🙂

My Reasoning

Of all the areas I could focus on in this world, all the trouble needing help, all the negative needing something good, know that saving the homes of wildlife has been pretty darn clear to me for years now. But that’s really the only clarity I have – again, over years of thinking, journaling, researching.

I always knew I’d return to a life of animals and nature. I had it as a kid, or at least I seemed to favor those memories growing up, and though I chased the trinkets as a young adult – I returned to the bliss of wildlife by 27. From then on, it’s constantly evident that I’d help that aspect of the world in some way. Protecting (conserving) their home (natural habitat) seemed to have come together for a different reason – and all at once.

A Personal Touch

I love home, I’m a homebody. So there’s a certain sentiment for that comfort. I also love wildlife so greatly, it’s been difficult for me to learn about the horrid events they go through due to humans. You see, I’m a highly sensitive person (properly a HSP), an empath, an introvert, have social anxiety, absolutely ‘suffer’ from sensory overload and plenty more similar gems(/gifts) as well. Yes, I’m finally coming around to see them for their strengths!

This means, however, that I must be very careful with my short and long term energy. And, in order for me to do powerful work while I’m here on this planet, that removes me from the running to be a fighter of current legislation and laws – for instance. Or true revolutionary speakers, folks who get arrested when trying to stop loggers of ancient forests, highly criticized and opinionated journalists who spread the word of cruelty we inflict on animals, etc. I can’t be that for them. I have to be something else. And it seems, though it saddens me, that I absorb so much of the bad I learn that I must help solve a problem which is not directly inflicted on them but indirectly. And at this stage of my life, I also must help from a rather indirect place to them.

My ‘How’

See why its already sad, and possibly leaves me feeling a bit deflated? With so much bad in the world, even just towards wildlife, there are potentially worse problems happening to them and there are already far more powerful/headstrong/confident people moving mountains to fix them. I, on the other hand, am just a partly grown-up (almost) 33yr old ‘kid’ (so it most definitely seems), trying to chase her dream to help wildlife in any way she feels is possible for her.

I keep saying to myself, though, ‘at least for now.’ Because, again, it’s my hope that I can do and Be more in 10-20yrs of this. The important part is that I start, and start now. I’ve planted the seed in the universe, I’ve started to say, ‘Hello, I’m here to help,’ in the right communities, and I’m absolutely willing to share my personal thoughts/insights/ideas for anyone willing to listen. Perhaps it’ll help others step forward before they’re ready, too, in a way such as this.

It’s my hope (and what a separate dream come true it would be) to help pave the way for others to join this conversation I’m having. To team-up and push a big bad neglected mountain – together.

Finding Purpose

This is a fair-enough segue, too, as I’ve mentioned ‘neglected.’ Here’s one last reason why I’d like to save the homes of wildlife.. It’s because I’m starting to see that I’m linking the concepts which aren’t yet so actively and singularity linked. And by that, I mean connecting our homes with that of wildlife’s. Why is there not a trigger in our mind, when we work to improve our home, to then ask, ‘what does this do to natural habitats? What is sacrificed? What’s the ripple effect?’

I’ll say, here, that I think about this stuff on a daily basis. Rarely do I have the opportunity or power to take action how I’d like – but the thought of this, over years and years, is begun to burn within me.

I design homes for a living. I went to school for Interior Architecture. I’ve designed luxurious residential homes with glorious landscapes. And with each project, I grow more upset and, equally, another part of me seems to disappear. This isn’t the right way to do things. Our homes are popping up in place of the homes which had already existed in the very same place. And the story of how that home came to be tirelessly strips away natural habitats in its wake – from miles away, continents away even. One home no longer needs to be sacrificed in order for the other to thrive.

Holding On to Hope

There must be a balance. We must remain mindful of our effect to our surroundings. Because they’re there – at least for now. And if we don’t do something, collectively and with each and every one committed to consistent work for change, their homes will be gone. Which means they will be gone. Once nature and animals are gone – so are we. So what’s the point in having a nice home, if wildlife can’t have one too? No point whatsoever.

They are connected, and we are connected to them. Both the local wildlife and what you may have never heard of on the other side of the world – it’s all connected. How? Choices. Your choices affect everything. Every choice, big or small, begins or is a part of a ripple effect. So, it’s time to make the best use of that motion by ensuring its done out of love, compassion and with a purpose of spreading only good.

Re-Working Found Truths

I also know, all to well, that the #1 cause of wildlife extinction is natural habitat loss. Yes, another reason I seek to protect their homes. And I also know that the design/build industry is one of the very largest industries causing natural habitat loss. And so, it begins to run full circle. I’m in the thick of it, the problem that is. And I’m here to begin solving it from the inside out. As I continue to work, I’ll turn to this place to bring about creative solutions. And as I continue to learn about the many effects of such work along the way, I’ll share those insights here too. It will help to keep our homes and their homes connected in the mind, and writing about them here will help me to spot patterns and areas I can directly help minimize negative impact.

My Truth

Also know that I’ll pull my personal life lessons into the same writing. Remember how I said I returned to nature and wildlife? Well, that’s certainly true – as I type in my small, off-grid, one room cabin in the forest, with the sounds of happy chickens running around the acreage, a sleepy bunny sunbathing in the corner here, with songbirds at the window feeders. Home, to me, is a wealth of natural senses at every turn, every time of day and every season. Endless native plants (medicinal too), seemingly a sanctuary for wildlife, a natural food forest split only by a fish-laden creek, and my guy – the most humble, strong and perfect partner for me and my ‘quirks.’

Our Chosen Parts in The Story

This dream to help wildlife is one I live and breathe everyday. Work, life, the nostalgia as I look back at childhood (nature walks with my Dad as the influential constant in my life then), and looking ahead – towards the kind of world I want to help build. It’s always there. Writing here will simply help me to realize what I ought to do with that constant, that ‘chosen purpose’ I spoke of, which now seems to dwindle down to simply: my given responsibility, by the universe who knows and trusts that I am one of the folks who is meant to have it. I’m meant to do something big with it, too. 

It’s also my hope that you see that its what we all can do. It may be one reason why I’m pulled to do this work, write this post. Because you need to read it, feel the message I can’t quite articulate but you already resonate with. Because you’re one in the same. We are meant for this, in some way or another, big or small doesn’t matter now. It’s what’s consistent. What each and every one of us does in our day to day can make or break another’s life on this planet.

Stay Connected

We all know this deep down. My current urge is to simply bring that to the surface for those who hadn’t dare before. Our first (big) step is to collectively be mindful of our impact, and to make decisions based on that knowing. No longer distracted, never again triggered by convenience, perhaps that we all slow our lives down enough that it’s no longer felt as foreign to require such luxuries in the first place. I’m open to that possibility.

So, please continue to come here. Learn from my lessons in the making, as I document this journey of though and action. I’m certainly not a thought-leader here, but I want to share what I know and I want to share what I learn – as I learn it. For you, so you can take it and run with it – to do your own good with it. I need that, I need it for us – for all of us.


As an advocate for wildlife conservation and with experience in the design/build industry, Ashley fuses her passions to offer clients and trade professionals the solutions needed to craft homes that allow wildlife to keep theirs, too, because one home no longer needs to be sacrificed for the other. Ashley seeks to empower the well-being of nature and wildlife by reconnecting people and planet in a blissful balance and furthering the fight against natural habitat loss within her industry. Through Wildlifeel at Home, she highlights compassionate choices and teaches readers how to ‘Adopt the Alternative.'