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Sustainable Design/Build Practices Through the Lens of Habitat Conservation



New Developments, Vision & The Ideal Day

There’s been some development, my few lovely readers. First, I need to apologize. Weeks where I don’t post,…
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Choosing my Battle & When It’s Time to Fight

I’m a bit overwhelmed in tackling this post. That’s a sign it’s worth diving into. I’m unsure where…

Learn, Share, Listen

I’m putting together that I learn more often than I share. And it’s when I share that I…
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Business & Design Book Haul

Life is busier than it’s been in a year, at least. I find myself thinking its either a…
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Freewrite + Conservation Resources

Free-Write First, a quick free-write: I started this website during my yearly staycation. I created it and had…

Snapshot of the Homestead (by the Mr.)

For today, I’m sharing my favorite piece of writing done by my partner about our life on our…
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Our Home’s Building Blocks of Natural Habitat Loss

I most resonate with the knowledge base which defines natural habitat loss as a collection of concepts. The…
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Wildlife Conservation Research: Benefit of the Niche

I’m finally taking the proper dive into wildlife conservation. Yes, I’m starting from scratch - the fundamentals -…

A Ripple Effect: Where Pebbles Meet Priorities

It’s Wednesday, as I write this. I like Wednesdays. And they’re so much better when its decent weather.…

Wildlife Homes Are Connected With Ours

First blog here. There’s much to say as an introduction, or about my dreams for this website (for…

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