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A Blog about Sustainable Design/Build Practices Through the Lens of Habitat Conservation


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This blog is a captivating space that unveils the intricate connection between our homes and the homes of wildlife, between residential design and wildlife conservation, revealing the powerful impact our design choices can have on the preservation of natural habitats.

Just as our homes provide shelter, safety, and a sense of belonging, wildlife habitats serve as vital sanctuaries for countless species. By recognizing this parallel, we can embrace a more holistic approach to design that harmonizes the needs of both human and animal inhabitants.

Within these pages, you will discover how our design decisions can contribute to the protection and restoration of wildlife habitats. We will explore the details of our ‘Conservation-Based Design/Build Practices,’ which serve to minimize environmental impact and ensures that our homes coexist harmoniously with the natural world.

Moreover, this blog celebrates the profound interconnectedness between our homes and the delicate ecosystems beyond our doorstep. We will delve into the alarming consequences of habitat loss and the urgent need for conservation efforts. By understanding the broader ecological context, we can take responsibility for preserving biodiversity and nurturing the web of life that sustains us all.

Discover actionable tips and practical guidance on ethical design, sustainable sourcing, and stories of how design can positively influence the environment. I will empower you to transform your home into a haven that fosters biodiversity and supports wildlife conservation. Together, we will weave a narrative that transcends boundaries, bridging the gap between human habitats and the natural habitats of wildlife.

Here, we honor the fragile beauty and irreplaceable homes of the creatures we share this planet with. And we do so throughout the design of our own homes. Continue reading to learn more.


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